About Us

The History of Arts N Minds


Arts N Minds is a dynamic business that is forever being inspired by its creator, Bryan Pope. His artistic inquisitiveness was sparked as early as 1974 in his parent’s garage where he spent years tinkering and rebuilding found objects and machines. These were the beginnings of Bryan’s love of wood working and sculpting in all mediums.

Early Career

The first job to foster Bryan Pope’s sincerity and sense of creativity for his work was James Avery Craftsman, Inc. Bryan truly appreciated a company that was and still is based on product integrity with a spiritual connection.


Bryan’s knowledge of antiques and refurbishing was acquired at the highly reputable shop of Lewis and Maese Antiques. Peck & Company and Arteferro allowed Bryan to experiment and master the art of metal design and fabrication.

At the Heart of Arts N Minds:
  • Bryan’s passion to create
  • The grace of God
  • The love and support of a beautiful family and loyal friends